703A – 18
UNIT – 1  Evolution of Tandoori
 Cuisine History of Tandoor
 Phases/Era of tandoor and tandoori cookery Influence of Mughals on tandoori
 Ingredients used in tandoori cookery and Identification of ingredients
 Use of various spices Uses of tenderizers
 Uses of herbs in tandoori cookery
 Various garnishes and plate presentation in tandoori cookery
 Tandoori platters
 Fuels and other equipments related to tandoor Types of fuel used in tandoor
Types of tandoor
 • Other equipments required in tandoor cookery
UNIT – 2  Preparing of tandoor
 Laying the base and floor of tandoor
 Inserting the clay pot and insulation
 Finishing, Firing and curing of the tandoor
 Creating Marinades and Rubs
 Various types of marinades used in tandoori cookery
 Difference between marinades and Rubs Usefulness of marinades and rubs
 Searing and sealing of food items
 Methods of basting and sealing of food items
 Ingredients used in Tandoor cooking
 Marinade: importance, types, uses
 Accompaniments for Tandoor dishes,
 Variety of vegetable and meat cuts required
UNIT – 3  Techniques to control the temperature of tandoor
 Methods to control the temperature of tandoor during operational peak hours
 Various techniques of controlling temperature
UNIT – 4  Paring of tandoori food with curries and beverages
 Compatibility of various alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beverages
with tandoori food items
 Hygiene and safety standards cleanliness near tandoor and kitchen
 Cleaning of tandoor and disposal of fuel residue Personal hygiene of tandoor
 Protective clothing and gear of tandoor personal Equipment’s and tools
required in cleaning and safety
 Location and use of fire extinguishers near tandoor and kitchen .