Bell Desk & Concierge Operations: – Introduction of Bell desk, Equipment’s used in Bell desk, Functions of Bell desk, Luggage handling, Paging, Change of room etc.

Functions of Concierge, Forms & Formats.


FORECASTING: Forecast formula, Types of forecast, Sample forecast forms, Factors for evaluating front office operations. Forecasting techniques, Forecasting Room availability, Useful forecasting data (% of walking, % of overstaying, % of under stay)


FRONT OFFICE AND GUEST SAFETY AND SECURITY: Importance of security systems, Safe deposit, Key control, Emergency situations (Accident, illness, theft, fire, bomb) Latest security measures used in hotels at the time of check-in: use of metal detectors, baggage checks, X-ray machines, bollards, collapsible gates etc.


 Sales Techniques for Hotel Rooms: – Offering Alternatives and Suggestive Selling Internal / In-house sales promotion. Direct sales – through intermediaries. Tailor made Package Plans according to seasons. Online- Selling: – Meta Search Engine, Hotel Apps & website, Social Media, OTA’s, TA’s, Airlines Network, Cruise-Liners, Railway Networks, CRS, Non- Affiliate Networks & GDS.