 Importance of Inspection
 Special Function of Supervisors
 Checklist for Inspection
 Typical Areas usually neglected where special attention is required.
 Self Supervision Techniques for Cleaning Staff
 Degree of Discretion/ Delegation to Cleaning Staff

 Layout
 Types of Linen, Sizes, and Linen Exchange Procedure
 Selection of Linen
 Storage Facilities and Conditions
 Par Stock: Factors affecting Par Stock, Calculation of Par Stock
 Discard Management
 Linen Inventory System
 Uniform Designing: Importance, Types, Characteristics, Selection, Par Stock

 Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly Cleaning
 Routine cleaning, Spring cleaning, deep Cleaning.
 Cleaning of different types of floor Surfaces
 Special Service – baby sitting, second service, freshen up service, valet service.
 Care and Cleaning of Metal – Brass, Copper, Silver, EPNS, Bronze, Gun Metal, Chromium pewter, Stainless Steel, Types of Tarnish, Cleaning Agents and their uses.

 Textile Terminology
 Classification and Identification of Textile Fibers
 Characteristic of Textile Fibers
 Yarn
 Fabric Construction
 Blends and Unions
 Textile Finishes
 Use of Textile in Hotels