The long-awaited Russian invasion of Ukraine has begun. The goal of this article is to study the influence of the Russian invasion and war on the global travel and tourist business. It is not intended to be a military or political analysis of the events as they develop. It should be noted that there is a significant quantity of material that is either unknown or very susceptible to change at the time of this writing.
  • The Covid epidemic has already had an impact on Ukraine’s economy, and tourism has been halted during this time.
  • Customer service has suffered as a result of the Covid -19 epidemic, and the fun of travel has been replaced by the hassle of travel.
The following could happen if we look at the war through the prism of travel and tourism. It should be noted that the following points are purely hypothetical at this time. The scenario is still developing and evolving at a rapid pace.
  • Cross-border travel may become more difficult for tourism officials as countries seek to defend their citizens and their territories. The multi-nation tour concept could be replaced by more in-depth travel to a single site.
  • The chance of millions of people becoming refugees exists, and if this happens, the burden on the hotel business will likely intensify.
  • The tourism industry may experience another recession, particularly if the European war grows or slows. There will be more bankruptcies, layoffs, and a loss of service as a result of this.
  • New security requirements, as well as the possibility of passenger reductions on routes to places like Eastern Asia and Europe, should be addressed by the airline and hotel businesses. Areas not affected by war, on the other hand, may witness an increase in the number of people seeking to visit these more peaceful locales.

Author : Vijender Noonwal

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