BHMCT 701C-18


UNIT – 1 Cash and Credit Control:
Cash Control: Introduction, frauds & internal control, cash receipt control, physical control measures.
Credit Control: Meaning, objective and methods, Hotel credit policy, Control measures; during occupancy, checkout, after departure, Prevention of Skippers: on arrival/during stay/on departure day.

UNIT – 2 Quality Guest Service:
Introduction, services provided by hotel front office, certification in relation to quality, relationship with other divisions, managing customer relationship through effective communication, complaint handling, latest trends and practices followed in front office.

UNIT – 3 Budgeting:
Introduction, types, advantage and disadvantages of budgeting, budgetary controls, The budgeting process, Planning capital budget, Planning operation budget, Operating budget – controlling expenses – income statement,
Purchasing systems – methods of buying, Stock records – issuing and control.

UNIT – 4 Revenue Management:
Concept and applications, Measuring yield, elements of revenue management; using revenue Management, Economic Principles and Demand Forecasting, Reservations and Channels of Distribution, The Revenue
Management Team, Strategic Management and Following the RevMAP, Tools, Tactics, and Resources.
Selling Techniques Reception as a sales department Purpose of selling/the hotel product selling methods