Computer Application and software used in Front Office

  • Role of Information Technology in Hospitality industry .
  • Different Property Management Systems – Opera, Ids, Fidelio, ShawMan, Amadeus, Galelio
  • Various modules of the PMS – Front Desk Module, Reservations, Rooms, Setup Module, Cashier, Night audit, Report center, Back Office Module and linking of Property Management System in Other Departments

Front Office Accounting System

  • Front Office Accounting and its Functions, Types of Accounts, Vouchers, Folios , Ledger , Paid Out, Allowance, Credit Control.
  • Front Office Accounting Cycle – Creation of Accounts, Maintenance of Accounts, Settlement of accounts

Check out procedure –

  • Guest Account Settlement – Cash, Credit, Indian Currency & Foreign Currency, Transfer of Guest Account, BTA, BTC, Express Check Out, Late Check Out

Night Auditing:

  • Night Auditor
  • Night Auditor Duties & Responsibilities ,
  • Night Audit Process – Establishing the End of the Day, Completing Outstanding Postings and Verifying Transactions, Reconcile Transactions, Verifying No-Shows, Preparing Reports, Updating the System