Food Safety & Quality   (BVHCM-102)

Unit 1: Basic Introduction

Unit 2: Micro Organisms in Food

Unit 3: Food Spoilage and Food Borne Diseases

Unit 4: Food Preservation and Food Additives

Unit 5: Food Contaminants & Adulterants

  • Introduction to food standards
  • Types of food contaminants
  • Common adulterants in food

Unit 6: Food Laws and Quality Assurance

  • National PFA Essential Commodities Act
  • ISO, WTO and consumer protection act Concept of TQM
  • Relevance of microbiological standards for food safety
  • Principles of food hygiene

Suggestive Reading:

  • Roday,S. -Food Hygiene and sanitation- Tata McGraw hill, New Delhi 2008
  • Parmar, Madhulika Block , Food Safety and Preservation , Prints New Delhi 2014 Bharatiya, C.R., Managing Food & Quality, Surendra Pub., Hyderabad, 2010
  • Chakarborty, Amrita -Pesticides in food, Icfai Books, Hyderabad, 2010